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Reaction Type Precision Releasing Agent

*The sticking force of molding resin is reduced on the surface that is coated with FLUOROSURF and It is powerful way to release even in the molding of complex and detailed shapes that can not be released by ordinary releasing agents.

*It reacts with the molding material and strongly sticks to it so that continuous mold release is possible.

*It forms thin film of nanometer level. Mold release of accurate shape is possible in the microscopic molding of more precise than microns order.

*The releasing agent component is not transferred and thus cleaning of the molded part is not necessary.

*When performance degrades the re-coating can be done by a simple over-recoating. It is no necessary to remove old film.

*The releasing agent uses nonflammable solvent. There is no legal restrictions and it can be used safely.

   FG-5083 FG-5093
Recommended Object Glass Mold Metal Mold
Contact Angle (Oil)* 68-70° 68-70°
Slip Drop Angle (Oil)* 7-9° 7-9°
Thickness of film 10-20nm 10-20nm
Solvent Nonflammable Nonflammable

**measure with 5 μl of n-Hexadecane

Fiuorine Based Releasing Agent Material

There are several grades of fluorine based releasing agent material that can be used in FLUOROSURF such as organic solvent type, nonflammable solvent type, aqueous type, etc.
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