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OEM Products / Special Order Products

*Our core technology is the synthesis of fluoride chemical products.
We can develop various original fluoride compounds using this technology.

*We take orders for small quantity OEM products (from a minimum 20kg/month) and special order products.
Also We can supply OEM products in special containers, labels, packaging and etc.
according to the customer requirements apart from product specifications such as resin and solvent components.

*In the same way we can supply products that are of the same chemical structure as the competitor’s discontinued products .

*Please contact us . E-mail info@fluorotech.co.jp


Various specifications of each series are available to answer any requirements of customers.
Please inquire of our customer service section about details of each product.

Customer Service E-mail:info@fluorotech.co.jp

Our products are chemical products for industrial use.
They may have an influence on the health depending on handling manner.
For this reason, our products or their samples are not offered for personal use.
We would like you to accept such our intention.

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